Yu Hua: China in Ten words

Yu Hua definitely seems to be critiquing the way that the people responded to what the government wanted. I saw this was most evident in the writing chapter when the family created the poster to hang in their home, as well as when the one teacher was “overlooked” in the posters criticizing the educators. With both anecdotes I felt that Yu Hua was commenting on the ridiculousness responses to the posters. His family was so quick to create a poster to prove their loyalty, but then easily forgot about it and let it become trash on the floor. As for the poster about education, nobody cared about the Chinese teacher not having a poster about him until the propaganda team leader made a comment about the absence. Once this was discovered, Yu Hua made a big deal about making a poster for the Chinese teacher. Both of the responses came off as forced and very reactionary which appeared to be the point. Yu Hua may have been critiquing the way in which the people, including himself, were always eager to prove themselves as loyal, but only when the need arose. He was also very focused on the critique about China’s economic growth in comparison to the Great Leap forward. His commentary was clear that he thought China was making the same mistakes as it had in the past, which is going to continue to hurt the country if they do not come to this realization.